Nottinghamshire Personal All Time Medium Wave Log: Asia:

   This is my personal all-time log of medium wave DX heard while living in Nottinghamshire.

   All stations have been positively identified unless otherwise stated. Note also that some
   stations will have changed network or frequency since a logging was made, so older loggings
   may still be listed on their original frequency or with their original name or network. The
   date shows when the station was first heard.

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    600 1980-10-21 TWN BED76 CBS, Luchiang, Taiwan

    750 1983-10-08 TWN BED2 CBS, Minshiung, Taiwan

    850 1985-11-17 TWN CBS Kuang Hua BC, Linkou, Taiwan

   1000 1983-10-08 TWN BED62 CBS, Luchiang, Taiwan

   1566 1980-10-10 KOR HLAZ Cheju Island (South Korea)

   1575 1980-??-?? THA VOA Ban Phachi, Thailand